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Common Winter Sprinkler System Problems

February 20, 2024

Does the thought of cranking up your sprinkler system after the winter season send shivers down your spine? Green Lawn will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to diagnose and tackle those worries. 

Just because the frost has settled doesn’t mean your sprinkler system needs to become another casualty of the season. Understanding the most common winter sprinkler system problems and taking proactive steps can ensure your lawn emerges from the freeze, vibrant and healthy again.

Freezing Temperatures and Fragile Pipes

The biggest threat to your sprinkler system during winter is undoubtedly the power of ice. Water expands when it freezes, and trapped water in underground pipes can exert immense pressure, leading to cracks, breaks, and costly repairs. This isn’t just a minor inconvenience; neglected damage can cause flooding, foundation issues, and even structural compromise.

Here are some telltale signs your sprinkler system might be suffering from frozen pipes:

  1. Spills and puddles around sprinkler heads indicate cracks or breaks in the piping network.
  2. Low water pressure or a complete lack of water flow: When pipes are severely damaged, water can’t get through.
  3. Visible bulges or deformations in the ground: This is a clear sign of ice expanding within the pipes.

Other Winter Sprinkler System Problems

While frozen sprinkler pipes are the biggest worry of winter sprinkler system problems, they’re certainly not the only culprits. Let’s explore some other common issues to watch out for:

Broken sprinkler heads: The weight of snow or accidental contact with snow removal equipment can damage delicate sprinkler heads. 

  • Inspect your sprinkler heads: As spring arrives, give your sprinkler heads a thorough inspection. Look for cracks, breaks, or misaligned nozzles. Replace any damaged heads with new ones for optimal water distribution.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads: Over time, sprinkler heads can get misaligned due to settling soil or ground movement. Take the time to adjust them to ensure proper coverage and avoid overwatering specific areas.

Leaky sprinkler valves: Worn-out seals or loose connections can cause leaks, leading to wasted water and soggy patches. Watch damp areas around valve boxes and listen for hissing sounds.

Damaged sprinkler backflow preventers: These crucial devices protect your clean water supply from contamination. Cracks or malfunctions can lead to serious health risks. Regular inspections and testing are essential.

Malfunctioning sprinkler timers: Erratic watering schedules due to battery depletion or internal glitches can leave your lawn underwatered or overwatered, both detrimental to its health. Ensure your timer is programmed correctly and the batteries are fresh.

Winterproofing Your Sprinkler System

Now that you know the potential winter threats, it’s time to take action and fortify your sprinkler system. Here are some key steps for a successful winterization:

Professional blow-out involves using compressed air to expel all remaining water from the pipes, effectively eliminating the risk of freezing.

Drain valves and backflow preventers ensure all valves and backflow preventers are drained to prevent ice buildup.

Disconnect hoses and faucets connected to the system to prevent freezing damage.

Cover exposed components or vulnerable parts like valve boxes and pipes with foam or burlap to provide extra protection.

Post-Winter Revival Tips

Revive your sprinkler system as winter fades and spring arrives. Follow these steps to ensure it’s in top shape for the new season:

  1. Inspect the system: Conduct a thorough visual inspection before activating the system for any visible damage or leaks.
  2. Test sprinkler heads: Make sure all sprinkler heads function properly and adjust coverage areas as needed.
  3. Reprogram the timer: Update your watering schedule to reflect the changing season and your lawn’s needs.
  4. Start slow: Gradually increase watering durations to give your lawn time to adjust to the increased moisture.

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